Hardback volume: 98 pages in 29×22 cm format.
Contains 45 black & white photographs, divided into 12 categories of human (and animal) feeling.
With notes and comments by the author.
Luciano Vanni Publishers (2004), euro 20

The book is on the table
Hardback: 144 pages in 28×24 cm format.
Work from the Parma Jazz Frontiers Festival, collecting the best images of the first twelve years of the event. Photographs amidst the players, but also some from the sides. And from behind too.
Contains 122 black & white images, as well as a chronology and the artists participating in each event.
Prefaces by: Roberto Bonati, Maya Homburger, Barry Guy, Bruno Tommaso, Giorgio Gaslini and Gianluigi Trovesi.
MUP (2008), euro 20.